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3/8" Diameter Pex-Perch Assembly

3/8" Diameter Pex-Perch Assembly

These Perches are designed to fit inside the inner molding corner pockets of Cambro 4.75 Gallon Food Storage Camwear Boxes (rough envelope dimensions 18"L x 12"W x 9" H).  They are a great next step for growing out arboreal snakes in the range of 20-50 grams. 


The Pex Tubing is precision cut to 16.0" length with snug fit through holes located at 4" from each end of the tube.  Spacing of the 1/4" diameter cross members allows for easy change out of water bowls without disturbing your perched pet.  These items can be disassembled easily for deep cleaning. 


BMC Bioscience only uses BPA free materials that are dishwasher safe within our animals' enclosures.  The Pex tubing is certified to ASTM F876/F877.  Components of this assembly are certified to carry human drinking water and therefore do not promote mold and fungus growth.  Furthermore, we sterilize all of our auxilary products before they are shipped to our customers.

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