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Captive Born Aru Locality Type, m. viridis

Captive Born Aru Locality Type, m. viridis

SKU: BMC-23-36

This neonate was produced from some of the best high white Arus in the US, HJ x Lady Gaga.  It is priced accoring to it's genotype.  Pictures of all of our adults and pairings can be found in the highlights of our instagram acccount @gtp812ffb


By clicking the purchase button, you have agreed to our sales terms so please review said terms at the top of the webpage.  This item is set up to purchase in full.  If you wish to put a downpayment on it, please contact us so we can set up an item with the down payment price marked as "on hold".  Pricing includes a recent AAVLD accredited laboratory nidovirus negative test result, shipping cost and lifetime support.